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At One Sky there is always room for an open dialogue, helping us to evolve our business in sync with the evolution of our clients’ businesses. We endorse a high degree of freedom combined with accountability because we know that this creates commitment and motivation. All of us, both management and staff, form a close-knit team whose common goal is to enhance all aspects of the value chain.

We are committed to creating a work environment in which you are encouraged to think innovatively and use your creativity. We expect our team members to be inquisitive and engaged frontrunners who at all times demonstrate professionalism, put the client first and deliver on every promise made.

We understand that our people are the key to our success and that the relationship between them and management must be based on trust. We always strive to create the best working conditions and provide our employees with opportunities for continuing growth in an environment full of exciting challenges. We provide health insurance and a pension scheme so that our team members feel protected beyond their workplace and know that we care about their future. In fact, we are not too shy to say it: our goal is to become the best workplace in the world.

As a One Sky team member, you are expected to respect your colleagues, support them and demonstrate a caring attitude towards them. It helps us all to create a safe environment in which we perceive changes positively, as an opportunity for growth. Naturally, there is also room for a spontaneous and witty remark now and then, as we value an open and informal work atmosphere.

At One Sky we share time with our fellow team members after working hours too: we have a tradition of celebrating summer parties, Christmas season dinners and other occasions, which give us an opportunity to socialize and talk with one another as private persons rather than just employees. We also organize workshops and special events, when we put our work aside and talk with our colleagues in a totally open and informal way.

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