Fiber network for business

Here you can read about your options for getting fiber network for business. If you are missing one or need your fiber network solution optimised, One Sky can help you meet the challenges.

Boost your internet with One Sky fiber network

Optimise your daily operations with a professional, safe and stable fiber network for business. We always work to ensure high uptime. We know how important a reliable network is for your business. We have 20 years of experience in creating network solutions that work. As a longtime internet provider, One Sky offers professional and impartial advice and we ensure that you get the overall solution that is best for your business. One Sky offers both flat rate internet solutions and usage fees.


From 10 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s connection.

Response time

Response time in less than 16 ms in our Danish network.


High reliability in the form of redundant built-up fiber rings with full equipment redundancy and lightweight core connection.

One Sky is part of the TripleIT group, and One Sky’s internet solutions can be combined with routers/switches and a number of security products such as managed firewalls and VPN. TripleIT’s operating department can provide 24/7 operation and monitoring of the entire solution.

Contact us and hear more about our fiber network for business if you want security and continuity in your daily business.


One Sky offers professional indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions with fiber network for business. Issue free Wi-Fi access to the internet has become a major competitive parameter in, among other things, office hotels and tourism industry. We design Wi-Fi solutions adapted to local conditions. Our solutions ensure optimum coverage indoors in buildings and in larger outdoor areas where wireless access is required.

Optional Internet provider

One Sky does not require you to be an internet customer at us to provide a wi-fi solution. However, if your current broadband connection is not fast enough, we can also offer to provide the internet connection. Read more about our internet and broadband solutions by pressing “fiber network for business”.

Experts in wireless communication

One Sky is a specialist in wireless data communications, and we offer thorough and specialised consultancy. Our Wi-Fi solutions are scalable so they can be easily customised if your needs change.

Wi-fi as a service (aaS)

You can get One Sky’s Wi-Fi as a Service for a fixed low monthly fee. We prepare your access point so it’s updated and 100% ready to use. All you have to do is connect the plug to your internet connection and power up. We configure your access point and keep it updated from our server in the cloud so you always have the latest firmware and an always updated access point. We mainly use LigoWave as access points.


Need a proper internet speed?

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