Get an external IT department for your company

An external IT department means that One Sky manages your company’s IT as an internal IT department would normally do.

We are specialists in IT operations and that is why we can take care of your company’s IT department.

By outsourcing your IT department, you will have more time for your core business, and achieve a greater result on the bottom line. We have many years of experience with IT consultancy and can give you a valuable IT consultancy to improve your IT and your business.

By using One Sky as an IT department, you will have our CTO (chief technical officer) as your company’s external CTO. You will be consulted with strategy and support when you need it.

external IT department - One Sky
external IT department - One Sky

Why external IT department at One Sky?

In a modern company, a single IT employee will often have issues regarding the qualifications to solve all the IT challenges. Specially because the development is moving very fast every day.

With an IT outsourcing agreement with us, you will get a great amount of IT qualifications inside your company.

We are proud to have created many long-term relationships with our clients, satisfying their needs, by a strong focus on adding value, by meeting them on their own ground – every time.

The most important this to us is about improving your business.

Examples on what we can do

1)  The full solution

  • We assume the role of “IT Manager”. You get sparring, counseling and decision support.
  • Hosting of your company’s servers, website and backup.
  • Operating agreement with IT support of PCs, networks, printers and VPN connection, etc.

2)  Partial outsourcing

  • One or more of our services. Ex. Fiber Internet, Wi-Fi and Firewall.
  • Hosting of your company’s servers and backup according to your needs.
  • Execution of ad hoc IT support, consulting and sparring without a permanent operating agreement.

3)  Service & Adhoc

  • Select one or more of our services to complement your current IT solutions.
  • Execution of ad hoc IT support and advice on an hourly basis.
external IT department - One Sky

How do we work?


First, we take an unobtrusive talk about your current IT setup, value creation, and company visions.


Then we thoroughly review different options that are tailored to your budget and expectations.


We advice about different solution models and define the pros and cons regarding your setup.


In cooperation between us and you, we will put an IT strategy in the short and long term, also focusing on the business.


We want to make our customers sharper and better in IT, and do not leave things without the necessary education.


We make documentation and update it whenever something changes. Then save the hassle.

6 (really) good benefits with

IT outsourcing at One Sky

Focus on your core business without worrying about the IT challenges

Get an external IT department